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Build Your Smartest Home Ever in 2020

Joe LeVecchi, January 6
The holidays have come and gone. Have you integrated all your smart home technology? This time of year is a great timefalse

8 Home Improvement Resolutions for 2020

Joe LeVecchi, December 18
It's time to start thinking about those home improvement resolutions! Every year, we have things that we need to getfalse

How to Choose the Right Type of Window Coverings for Your Home

Mark Watson, May 7
After you have installed the right windows, it’s time to dress them in the right coverings. Blinds, curtains, shades,false

Renovating on Your Time: Choosing the Best Season for Your Project

Mark Watson, February 18
Do you have some renovation projects that have been weighing heavily on your mind? When's the right time to getfalse

Exterior Medics Partnered With Luke’s Wings to Bring Soldiers Home

Mark Watson, January 18
Exterior Medics had the amazing opportunity to help veterans in need, thanks to Luke’s Wings. Luke’s Wings No Soldierfalse

How to Keep the Heat in Your Home Just Right

Mark Watson, January 16
Do you find yourself constantly feeling either too cold or too warm? Are you unsure of what the right balance isfalse

Start 2019 Off Right With These 5 Home Exterior Refreshes

Joe LeVecchi, January 2
There's never a better time than the new year to give your home a miniature facelift with easy to do exterior refreshesfalse

Function and Fashion: How to Measure Windows for Blinds

Mark Watson, September 5
Blinds and other window coverings add a certain appeal to your home, provide an added level of privacy, and can evenfalse

4 Upgrades to Modernize Your Older Home and Increase Home Value

Mark Watson, August 6
Do you ever look around your older home and think "Wow, this place really has potential!" only to get bogged down byfalse

Welcome to the Future: Creating A Smart Home

Mark Watson, June 7
Smart homes are more than just a trendy version of a science fiction fantasy. While some features are definitely morefalse