genuine slate roof

genuine slate Roof

Our certified slate roof experts install and repair slate roofs in Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland

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Certifications and Memberships
Slate roof on Virginia home

Genuine Slate Roof Repair and Installation in Greater Washington

Genuine slate roofs are extremely durable, yet elegant and iconic, as illustrated by the many historic homes and buildings in Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland, with their original slate roof in tact.

Unlike synthetic slate roof tiles, genuine slate roof tiles are made from fine-grained rock, and cut into uniform sections, which increase their durability and natural beauty. They are environmentally friendly, and do not stain like many synthetic materials. Genuine slate roofs are available in a number of vibrant and muted colors and hues, such as reds, grays, blacks, purples and mottled, solid and variegated greens. Slate roofing adds distinction and refinement to any home.

Durability & Maintenance

As slate roofs age, they become more fragile. Extreme caution must be exercised when servicing a slate roof to prevent inadvertent damage. Only contractors with extensive experience with slate roofing should perform maintenance and repairs. Maintenance for genuine slate roofs involves moss and algae control, as well as replacing broken or missing slate tiles as needed.

Why install a slate roof?
  • Genuine slate roofing offers the longest lifespan out of all the roofing materials.
  • They can last almost up to a century if properly installed and maintained.
  • They're not affected by pests or insects.
  • Slate roofing is non-combustible.
  • Genuine slate roofs are tough against all the elements.
A few important things to know about slate roof installation
  • Genuine slate roofs are made of rock, which means they are extremely heavy.
  • Special design considerations must be made to support the weight.
  • Of the conventional roofing materials, genuine slate roofs are the most expensive roofs to install.

Quality Assurance

Installing and servicing genuine slate roofs require the experience and patience of genuine roofing professionals. Exterior Medics is proud to be among only 3% of roofing contractors to have achieved the distinction of GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor, and we’re a DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor Program member.

  • Visit our About Us page to learn how these prestigious distinctions among roofing contractors benefit our customers, as well as the following information:
  • 100-percent Lifetime Service Warranty
  • Manufacturer Warranties
  • Liability Insurance, Licenses and more
November 2020
This was the second time we used Exterior Medics for a roof repair and they did not disappoint. All of their employees were very professional and obviously skilled at what they do. They arrived on time and left no signs they had been there; they cleaned the yard thoroughly. I highly recommend them.
Steve Greco
November 2020
Start to finish. No one likes spending money on a new roof but this is team of professionals. Money well spent and excellent craftsmanship!
Darren Kerns
January 2020
This was a very professional job. The agent on the phone was always able to pull up data on our job and answer questions concerning scheduling. The workers arrived as scheduled and took photos before, during, and after the work so I could see the damage and how well the work was accomplished. They cleaned up after the work and blew the leaves off my small lawn.
Happy Resident
October 2019

Just can't get any better that Exterior Medics. They were committed to the project from the get-go and took the time to explain the process, set expectations and answer my questions. The work team was professional, respectful of my house and property, provided daily clean-up and reached out to ensure the project was running as planned. I recommend Exterior Medics without hesitation.

Aggie MacLean



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