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Expert flat roof repair and installation in North Virginia and Southern Maryland.

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Flat roof repair by Exterior Medics in Northern Virginia

Flat Roof Repair and Installation in Greater Washington

Flat roofs are constructed with a continuous two-ply waterproof membrane covering the entire surface. Contrary to the name, flat roofs are slightly sloped, at least 1/8-inch per foot, to actuate rainwater and snow and ice melt to flow toward scupper holes connected to downspouts.

While flat roofs are primarily identified with commercial buildings, they provide homeowners many benefits if installed by an experienced roofer using quality materials, and if regular care and inspections are performed. Like all roofing materials, flat roofs have strengths and deficiencies which should be explored before setting your mind on a sophisticated modern look.

Why install a flat roof?
  • Flat roofs are easier and safer to access for inspections and maintenance by professional roofers and homeowners.
  • Flat roofs are made of durable materials – much more resilient than materials just 15-20 years ago – which are resistant to rips, punctures and scuffs.
  • Leaks are typically easier to locate and patch than sloped roofs.
  • Flat roofs are less expensive to install than sloped roofs.
  • Flat roofs create usable outdoor space which may be utilized as a terrace garden and an open space to relax. Flat rooftops may also accommodate a jacuzzi and swimming pool.
  • The flat surface of flat roofs absorbs heat, which helps offset heating costs during the winter seasons in Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland.
  • Or, homeowners may choose to coat flat roofs to reflect UV radiation, and prevent heat absorption into the living spaces; essentially making the roof an environmentally-friendly “cool roof”.
  • Heating and cooling systems may be located out of site on flat roofs, with easy access for service and repair.
Things to consider when choosing a flat roof
  • Scuppers and downspouts must be regularly inspected for debris blockages that prevent water drainage.
  • Leaves, twigs, and other debris should be regularly removed from the roof.
  • Snow and ice accumulation place a tremendous amount of weight and stress on flat roofs, which of course must be taken into consideration when designing the size and slope of the roof.

Quality Assurance

Exterior Medics is proud to be among only 3% of roofing contractors to have achieved the distinction of GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor, and we’re a DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor Program member.

Visit our About Us page to learn how these prestigious distinctions among roofing contractors benefit our customers, as well as the following information:

  • 100-percent Lifetime Service Warranty 
  • Manufacturer Warranties 
  • Liability Insurance, Licenses and more
April 2023
We used Exterior Medics in 2021 to paint the exterior of our home, and to replace shutters and a garden retaining wall. Their work was of such quality that we did not hesitate to call on them again this year to remodel our deck and add railing in the front garden.

In both instances, Ron Rodriguez has been our project contact, and he has provided consistently excellent service. He is creative; delivers high quality work; is responsive, attentive, and always available to resolve issues if/when they arise. In sum, he is a terrific representative of the company.

We would use Exterior Medics in the future without hesitation.
Andrea Levy
April 2023
This is one of the few businesses that is willing and able to replace only the damaged sidings as opposed to the entire side of a home. Todd Green came out promptly to evaluate the damaged sidings and was very helpful in coming up with a plan to replace them by moving around good ones in other less visible parts of the home in efforts to make sure everything matched perfectly in the areas that were more visible. My patio looks brand new again! He was also quick to give me a proposal. The wait is long after acceptance of the proposal, but I was able to have the repair completed in the time frame requested and the workers provided a nice result. Thank you!
Janice D
April 2023
Tom Green is wonderful. He is a true professional. He did a thorough inspection of my current roof and a ventilation issues I was having in my attic. He gave wonderful advice and a great solution, plus recommended a product that I like very much. Exterior Medics has been used by a family member for many years and they always provided exceptional work.
Roofers were clean, professional, knowledgeable, and courteous to existing neighbors. Project manager kept me informed every step of the way! I highly recommend!
Gena Komrada
April 2023
Exterior Medics recently accomplished a face lift of our front porch and carport. We had three windows replaced and removed shutters and replaced vinyl siding with James Hardie board and batten panels. We also installed vinyl soffit coverage to entire carport and porch ceilings. Finally, we blocked out our 7 existing wooden columns around porch and carport with PVC. Everything was painted and it looks fantastic! We were pleased with Ben, our sales representative who guided us through our concept to get to our vision of the project locked in. Eric Holmes, the project manager provided excellent communication through the scheduling and during the actual construction phase by discussing each detail of the renovation to assure he and the crew were clear on our expectations of what the finished product should look like. He visited with us and the crew on site on the morning before the work got started and was there to rectify a problem with the supplies that were delivered. And called on the second day to check on the progress and after completion to check on our satisfaction. The 3 man crew led by “Chapes” was phenomenal. They were very skilled and made suggestions as the work progressed to make the final outcome even better than we hoped. I appreciated their experience and expertise very much.
Patrice Chadbourne



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