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Top Five Exterior Home Trends for 2018

Joe LeVecchi, January 31
Design trends come and go, but if you are considering some upgrades to your home’s exterior, you are going to want tofalse

How to Maintain Your Driveway and Walkways This Winter

Joe LeVecchi, January 12
With winter weather on the horizon, there’s no question that much of the United States will receive its fair share offalse

2017 DIY Recap

Joe LeVecchi, January 2
One thing people love more than succeeding at a do-it-yourself project is hearing or seeing how someone else fails.false

The Happy Holidays Safety Checklist

Joe LeVecchi, December 15
According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, it’s estimated that hospital emergency rooms treat aboutfalse

Parenting Through Childhood Cancer: A Story Of Strength, Love, And Devotion

Jessy Smulski, December 7
When Jeff Snyder and his wife, Kristy had their first child, Kennedy, they were like every other first-time parents —false

How To Paint Like A Pro

Joe LeVecchi, December 1
Paint? Check. Drop covers in place? Check. Electrical plates and light switch plates removed? Check. The room markedfalse

Home Heating Hacks To Prepare for Winter

Joe LeVecchi, November 21
The weather is getting colder and even the toughest of us will be turning the heat on soon. To make sure thatfalse

Home Pest Prevention Checklist

Joe LeVecchi, November 16
As temperatures drop, bugs and rodents will be looking for a cozy place to stay. Without a thorough inspection, yourfalse

How to Properly Insulate and Seal Your Home for Winter

Mark Watson, November 7
According to Energy Star, it's estimated that homeowners can save up to 15 percent on their heating bills during thefalse

5 Common Myths When Winterizing Your Home

Mark Watson, November 1
Winterizing your home is important for a variety of reasons. It allows you to conserve heat and therefore energy, itfalse